Supplemental Information


Endogenous Light Nexus Theory of Consciousness is the only extant theory of consciousness capable of being properly tested in the laboratory, for which I am seeking funding and a suitable neuro lab for doing so.

Spaceflight Countermeasures involving the physiological preadaptation of body fluids to prolonged weightlessness in order to counteract the headward fluid shifts characteristic of weightlessness. Intriguing data (see Publications) suggest space sickness is related to fluid shifts and therefore may also be effectively counteracted by appropriate fluid shift countermeasures.


Aeronautical experience approx. 50 hrs as a student pilot with a special interest in gliders, NASA hypobaric chamber orientation, Shuttle landing support, jet simulators, and several flights in zero-g aboard NASA's KC-135 "Vomit Comet".

Happiest when challenged by work requiring creative solutions to problems, that "can't be done". Enjoy teaching and involving students in my work. High energy level, creative, practical yet always striving for ideals.